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Red Shoe Adventure Club

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Maybe you thought things you did as a child were corny.  Maybe at times you felt things you were doing with others didn't mean much.  Maybe, just maybe, it mattered to someone.  This is what the Red Shoe Adventure Club is built upon.  And s'mores.

Rachel, Mariana, and the Members of the Club

She was last seen by the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Rachel Arlen, a fictional young woman who loved to dance, went missing in the city of Friday Harbor, Washington on the Fourth of July during the summer of 2009.  Last seen by the Tilt-A-Whirl in Saturday Square, the local police and everyone in the area soon begin to look for her.  Curiously, even the local mermaid population soon became involved in her search.

Cheryn Harvin, a mermaid living a short distance from the island city, has recently befriended Jessica Summers after observing her for several months.  Jessica has her own troubles lately, having witnessed her parent's seperation, been promoted at her job, and been asked to watch her little brother when Rachel suddenly went missing.

Jessica's best friend Naomi is struggling with her identity and relationships when her crush, John Donaldson, suddenly begins to come to their weekly summer campfires.  Lastly, John invites his friend Martin Yeoh, who brings a sense of humorus instability to their group.

As the days pass and the carnival leaves for other harbors, Jessica and her new friend gradually join the search for Rachel, only to discover there is more occuring on San Juan Island than either of them could ever suspect.


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