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Future Adventures in the World of Gaia

Follow Ketze Qatyl as his and the lives of those in the Qylan Desert endure the power of genies.

Of Scimitars and Sands

Due in 2019, the third installment of The Buccaneer of Nemaris is bound to be an adventure that leaves you with dusty boots.  

Following the life of Ketze Qatyl, the first sultan of Qui-Kinneas, Of Scimtars and Sands features the genies Chandra Nadinalla of Bii and Garand Gullen of Kuy, as well as an adventure that has a habit of changing its own history as the story progresses.  It is an adventure that takes the people of the Qylan Desert to the brink of war, poverty and magical rebellion all while bringing a new twist to the folklore of genies and wishes.

Realize how real magic is when ancient powers of Neptune cause conflict in Kelcellan.

Of Sapphires and Sirens

The fourth installment features the nations of Kellcellan and Symina, beset by cultural differences and neighborly disputes when a young mermaid goes missing in one kingdom only to become the bethrothed crown princess for another, causing ancient magic to surface and create havoc as everyone looks for the key to overcoming conflict and chaos.

Follow the life of Anju, who must masquerade as Andrew in order to bring peace to her nation.

Of Damsels and Dragons

Installment five proves that there is more to might than muscle and more to damsels than long hair.  Warriors who have heart can win wars without wielding a sword, but if dragons aren't evil and oppression continues to knock on an opportunistic door, how can peace and prosperity ever hope to return when an individual longs to be recognized for her true worth?

What began as a flight from drunken pirates evolves into a struggle to disrupt the status quo.

Of Tabia and Terrors

A situation where an unwelcome visitor can disrupt the entire sociological stability of a region is the premise for Book Six.  Eileen Grandt unwittingly wanders into the King's Forest to escape a death sentance, only to cause the eviction of a Tabian warrior from his tribe and spiritual destiny, all in search of what defines a person and reveals true character.

Revenge, dominance, legacy and manners all collide when the power of magic is abused.

Of Masters and Slaves

Power and responsibility collide when manners are abandoned to find solutions for problems that aren't anticipated or solvable.  In this seventh written installment, Johanas Roel is "recruited" to seek out the Rhodenstone, an object of multiple magical applications that is responsible - and perhaps even necessary equipment - for lifting a curse on a rogue ship captain's remaining family.  Using his knowledge of history and a knack for finding solutions, Johanas ventures to the farthest corners of Gaia, going as far as the skies in order to overcome his captor's trials and ultimately make his way back home safely.

Written Works Outside of Gaia

Turbo Teen Fanfiction

Greg, Shelly and Michelle must deal with their abilities while working for the FBI - and life.

The Red Shoes Adventure Club

An upcoming novel about an adventure in a summer dream.

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