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The Buccaneer of Nemaris

The Buccaneer of Nemaris novel.

Adventure lies in the least expected places.

Thomas DeLeuit has grown up in his hometown of Harper's Bay with his mother and the teachings from Elder Harrion, but has yet to know his father, Gregory.  At the age of 14, Thomas joins a merchant trade ship called the Valiant and departs his hometown to discover the world of the Centra Sea.  Along the way he and the rest of the crew become marooned on the infamous Nemaris Islands, which have long been known as a place of many evils.  However, Thomas and the crew are in the posession of a treasure map - and the pirates want it back!

You never know who you might meet.

While stranded in the Nemaris Islands, Thomas and the crew indeed learn about demons.  But mysteriously, mermaids are also living in the nearby waters.  One named Cynthia has foreseen Thomas's arrival to the islands, while the mermaid Acadia is convinced that Thomas is here for an even greater purpose.  It is also revealled that the great explorer T.K. Scyhathen is entombed here, part of a doomed expedition to map out the world in all four compass directions.  But if he believes what Cynthia is telling him, there could be more on the islands than anyone could have expected.


The Buccaneer of Nemaris

Written by J.D.Delzer

Cover by Katie DeSousa

Illustrations by Alexandra Mihai & Christine Ponce

464 Pages

Genre:  Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery

Reading Level:  Ages 12 +, Young Adult

Published by Beavers Pond Press December 10th 2009 (2010)