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Of Forests and Friends


When darkness plagues the landscape, the pure of heart shall save the world.

Janna Bernson is the daughter of an herbalist who has gone missing.  A few days later, she is keeping the shop when a deposed wizard named Count Wallack comes calling, asking for a legendary herb and demands it in exchange for her father's life.  Janna is then forced to leave her home and travel north to the Guillanillanees Mountains, where the Amaris Plant is said to reside.  Along the way she is assisted by the unicorn Amaryn, who seems to have her own reasons for distrusting the deposed wizard.  Janna must rely on her friends to find her father and stop Count Wallack from completing his evil plans.

Forests and Caverns Aren't The Darkest Places In The World

The kingdom of Xavier has a legend that so long as doves populate the area surrounding the palace that the nation will never know darkness.  However, with the return of Count Wallack to the region, dark times are destined to accompany him.  Janna must travel to the lowest depths and highest peaks to bring an end to the legacy of shadows that has plauged the area for centuries.


The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Forests and Friends

Written by J.D.Delzer

Cover design by Inna Vijuhanina

Illustrations by Alexandra Mihai

329 Pages

Genre:  Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult

Reading level:  Ages 11 + 

Published by Beavers Pond Press  February 19th 2016