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You've discovered the online home of The Buccaneer of Nemaris book series by author J.D.Delzer.  


Discover the secrets of Gaia -

well, a few them, at least!  

It is said that a good story can often be traded for a warm meal 

and fine company in the taverns of Gaia.  Pull up a chair and enjoy your visit.

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Book One: The Buccaneer of Nemaris

buccaneer mermaid adventure fantasy young adult novel pirates exploration explorer teenage story

Thomas DeLeuit joins a merchant trade crew only to find an adventure in magic, mermaids and evil.

Book Two: Of Forests and Friends

castle fantasy adventure young adult novel fiction wizard magic exploration

Janna Bernson must locate a hidden treasure in order to save her family and friends.

Upcoming Adventures

pleiades starscape adventure fantasy novel

Find out about upcoming novels and other future projects that are not yet published.

About the Agent

agent 505 writer novelist j d delzer

Who's behind all of this?  Read all about 

Author J.D.Delzer here.

Shady Scribings


New feature:  There will be at least four updates per year from now on.  Find my blog here.

Gaia At A Glance

gaia buccaneer of nemaris fantasy young adult novel map adventure exploration world

Characters, maps, races, regions, and almost anything else you ever wanted to know about Gaia.

How Novel!

Get lost.


Don't take it seriously - just explore and discover something new.



There can be new finds everywhere.

Seek that treasure.

compass novel adventure young adult teen fiction fantasy adventure story

What you find and what you seek are often different.

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