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The Nemaris Islands was the author's first adventure.  You should visit sometime.

All About the Agent

Let's get aquainted.

Author J.D.Delzer has been writing all of his life, from the days that he began writing random words into the family computer and filling up the early word processors at the time.  He could read as early as age three, and found innovative ways to direct his G.I. Joes into battle and drive his Hot Wheels toys into all kinds of adventures.  When the Ninendo Entertainment System came into the house in 1986 all kinds of new adventures erupted as new stories and characters found ways into his imagination.  The vision of Ariel upon his wall at night in 1989 introduced mermaids into his subconcious thoughts, and from there the earliest formulas for The Buccaneer of Nemaris and other stories quickly developed.  

He is always working on the next story, and has been working on Gaia and its associated regions for almost twenty years.  After graduating from high school in 1999, he spent the next several years wriitng before attending Normandale Community College and Hamline University and ultimately graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor's of Creative Writing.  He hopes to graduate from St. Katherine's University with a MLIS degree soon.

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Author J.D.Delzer


Although he isn't a full time secret agent, Author J.D.Delzer finds inspiration in all kinds of media, from books to video games and movies of nearly all genres.  

Favorite Authors:  

J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and many more
Favorite Music:  

Soundtracks, Acoustic Rock, Casual Classics
Favorite Video Games:   

Final Fantasy, The Zelda Series, and more

A Man and his Cat

 The author has always had a cat at his side, and his furry friends have been Snippens, Tiger, Jasper, Boxer, and now Kit.  Kit is the author's first kitten.  She is responsible for all those cuts on his arms, as she is still learning the difference between toys and authors.  She'll come around in time. 

A Word About Inspiration

Inspiration for his works come in all forms, 

but he owes his writing to three things:   
His love of music, his exploratory spirit, and his cat.

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