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Gaia At A Glance

Xavier Castle was the jewel of the nation, perched serenely near Lake Seybrenne.

Gaia is a land of variety and wonder.

Populated by men, tabians, mermaids, fairy folk and others, Gaia has many populations that have not yet learned to live in harmony.  As a result, many myths exist to create legends, mysteries, and sometimes even animosity.

Despite their differences, the people have managed to create a world where every corner has something interesting and exciting to offer.  Perhaps one day Gaia, as well as our own world,  may enjoy the world's fruits peacefully.

Kalis Forest, also known as the Forest of Perpetual Rain.

Ruins aren't always ruined.

Places in Gaia are often wealths of history, where secrets can rest in plain sight or within every flower and stream.  In some areas, the world itself can harbor a historic record of sadness, calamity and even death.

While there are indeed many regions unexplored, it is said that sometimes the most interesting places can be those within your own neighborhood.

Gaia, a world of seven regions.  Some of them are beyond comprehension, others are just mysterious.

A Place of Legends and a Legendary Place

Explorers Have Forged A Trail Into the Unknown

Gaia has many areas that are maintained and populated, such as the great cities of Davenport, Cessyl, Southmarin, Elna City and Qui-Qui to name but a few.  However, those fabled explorers who have been to the quieter parts of the world will tell you that places that appear dusty, forlorn, and perhaps even negected always are the key to discovering new stories of exciting lore.

From the days when unicorns roamed free and man was but in his infancy, Gaia was a paradise.  Men would grow stronger and learn to tame the landscape towards his needs, but he often discovered more than dirt beneath his feet.  Wizards once discovered the power of magic in the northern forests, and found more problems than advantages.  Others craved their power and conflict ensued, forcing the wizards to depart for more peaceful lands.  Thus, man was left to his own devices.  The search for the next secret began.

As man learned to harness the winds and trade with his neighbors in faraway lands, he learned that he was not the only creatures at home in the sea.  Merfolk  disliked those who would bring harm and destruction to their beloved oceans, while even greater opponents craved the power that was once contained by those who governed Gaia's core foundations.  Along the way, man encountered genies who held powers beyond his own -  but he also discovered a creature with a distasteful distrust and ambition that was eternally insastiable.  

Despite his advances and lessons, man would slowly pass his discoveries on to younger generations. As a result, man would in time learn to define his boundries between nature and civilization, human and tabian, land and sea and earth and sky.  

Gaia ultimately remains a world filled with mountains, kingdoms, caverns and islands that are all frought with countless stories.  Not all of these stories can be told, and only some of them may be experienced.  Indeed, characters of all kinds call Gaia home, and all must ultimately learn to exist as one while seeking their own path through the world, through the universe, and their own life.

Explore At Your Own Pace

Gaia is a big place, and adventures take time. Go find an adventure that suits you and explore it at your own pace.  

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Who was the Buccaneer of Nemaris?

Captain Terrence K. Scyhathen

If not the greatest explorer in Gaia, Scyhathen was certainly the most well known.  He was born in the hidden nation of Mynnac, and grew up in Elna City with a vision. With the blessing of the king, Scyhathen picked a point on the compass and sailed in that direction, charting what he saw and returning with stories and traders.  As his adventures continued,  Scyhathen went east, west, and north - but was unable to go south.   Despite that setback, however, he made a name for himself around every corner of Gaia.

Find your adventure.

The world beyond your doorstep awaits.

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